The Jelly Piece Song

Jeely PieceI'm a skyscraper wean, I live on the nineteenth flair;
But I'm no' gaun oot tae play ony mair,
'Cause since we moved tae Castlemilk, I'm wastin' away
'Cause I'm gettin' wan meal less every day.

Oh ye cannae fling pieces oot a twenty storey flat,
Seven hundred hungry weans'll testify, to that.
If it's butter, cheese or jeely, if the breid be plain or pan,
The odds against it reaching earth are ninety-nine tae wan.

On the first day ma maw flung oot a daud o' Hovis broon;
It came skytin' oot the windae and went up insteid o' doon.
Noo every twenty-seven hoors it comes back intae sight
'Cause ma piece went intae orbit and became a satellite.


On the second day ma maw flung me a piece oot wance again.
It went and hut the pilot in a fast low-flying plane.
He scraped it aff his goggles, shouting through the intercom,
'The Clydeside Reds huv giat me wi' a breid-an-jeely bomb'.


On the third day ma maw thought she would try another throw.
The Salvation Army band was staundin' doon below.
'Onward, Christian Soldiers' was the piece they should've played,
But the oompah man was playing oan ma piece an' marmalade.


We're wrote away to Oxfam to try an' get some aid,
An' a' the weans in Castlemilk have formed a 'piece brigade'.
We're gonnae march to George's Square demanding civil rights
Like nae mair hooses over piece-flinging height.

Chorus to finish


Notes: Castlemilk is area of Glasgow, dominated by high rise buildings. Clydeside Reds comes from the term Red Clydeside, it was a term that was popularised by the newspapers and refers to the political militancy of the time.



Listen to The Jeely Piece Song. And enjoy some archived footage of Scotland.

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And in English!!

The Jam Piece Song

I'm a skyscraper kid and I live on the 19th floor
But I'm not going out to play any more
'Cause since we moved to Castlemilk I'm wasting away
'Cause I'm getting one less meal every day

O you can't throw sandwiches out a 20 storey flat
700 hungry kids will testify to that
If it's butter, cheese or jam, if the bread is plain or pan
The odds against it reaching earth are 99 to 1

On the first day my mum threw out a bit of Hovis brown
It came flying out the window and went up instead of down
Now every 27 hours it comes back into sight
'Cause my sandwich went into orbit and became a satellite


On the second day my mum threw out my sandwich once again
It went out and hit a pilot of a low flying plane
He scraped it off his goggles shouting through his intercom
The Clydeside Reds have got me with a bread and jam bomb


On the third day my mum thought she'd have another throw
The Salvation Army band was standing down below
"Onward Christian Soldiers" was the tune they should have played
But the oompah man was playing on my sandwich and marmalade


We've written off to Oxfam, to try and get some aid
And all the kids of Castlemilk have formed a 'Piece' brigade
We're going to march to George's Square demanding civil rights,
Like no more building houses over sandwich flinging heights!

Chorus to finish