William Freeland, Amelia Templeton and Allan Thomson

William Freeland lived in Market Square where he was constable, gaoler and later Sheriff Officer. He was also one of the founders of Kirkton Church in 1832. Amelia Templeton (nee Freeland) is William's daughter.

William Freeland

William Freeland 1792-1875

Amelia Templeton Freeland

Amelia Templeton (nee Freeland) 1813-1877

William's son Alexander (Sany), emigrated to the US in the 1840's, he went to the gold rush in California and later settled and farmed north of Madison, Wisconsin. Sheriff William and his wife Elizabeth Harvie visited the farm for one year in 1855.

Another daughter Marion Freeland and Catherine Sommerville also emigrated to Wisconsin in 1855. Grand daughters Amelia Freeland Parker wentto Detroit, Michigan in 1888, Grace Freeland Gordon went to Nantucket, Massachusetts in 1888, Mary Freeland Gordon went to Jamestown, Rhode Island 1888 and Catherine Smith Freeland Beattie went to Detroit in 1888.

Hugh Freeland, another son, married Margaret Ross Forrest of Carluke and became Clerk of Court Sessions in Glasgow.

William's daughter Elizabeth married James Brodie. Their son John Alexander Brodie was a famous engineer in Liverpool who designed the streets of New Delhi, India and invented the trap net goal used in British football and around the world.

Grandson John Freeland Templeton went to Canada and another grandson, John Freeland, to Australia.

Allan Thomson

Allan Thomson

Allan Thomson (born 1816) was a publican in Carluke. Allan married Marion Gilroy in 1870 and their daughter, Janet Allan Thomson, married William Templeton (1843-1916) of Threepwood Farm. Janet and William migrated to New Zealand where two daughters were born with a third born on board the Jessie Readman on their return home in 1876; the child was named Jessie Readman Templeton after the ship.