Dr Daniel Rankin

Dr Daniel Rankin was Carluke's rather eccentric Doctor. A man to be admired and yet he did not want to be remembered after his death. The following article was sent to us Dr Peter J Gordon, as descendant of the Scott family of Scott's Jams, and gives us a little insight into the doctor's life. Below is an oil painting of the Doctor found in Lanark.


Dr Daniel Rankin


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General William Roy

General William Roy was born in Carluke on the 4th of May 1726 at Miltonhead, he was educated in the parish school and Lanark Grammar school. He was a respected land surveyor at Craigforth near Stirling prior to his work for the military, and his demonstrated knowledge of general science, geodesy, chemistry, and astronomy imply that he was once an apt pupil within a formal system of education, though there are no records of any further education.

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Corporal William Angus V.C.

After leaving school William Angus was employed as a miner but was able to find himself a place as a professional footballer with Celtic FC in 1912. However he struggled to find himself in the starting 11 and decided to join the British Army when the war began.

On 12 June 1915 at Givenchy, France, Lance-Corporal Angus voluntarily left his trench under very heavy bomb and rifle fire and rescued a wounded officer who was lying within a few yards of the enemy's position. The lance-corporal had no chance of escaping the enemy's fire when undertaking this gallant deed, and in effecting the rescue he received about 40 wounds, some of them being very serious.

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James Scott 1890-1935

James Scott

James Scott 1902

James Scott

Captain James Scott

The 'Jeely Scott Monument' was drawn by James Scott when he was a boy. James was the youngest grandson of Robert Scott, one of the founders of Scott's Jam Works. During the war James was a Captain in the 7th Royal Scots, he survived a bullet to the head at Gallipoli. After the war he took his place as a director in the family business, he was also once manager of the Trustee Savings Bank and one of the founders of the Carluke Operatic Society.

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William Freeland, Amelia Templeton and Allan Thomson

William Freeland lived in Market Square where he was constable, gaoler and later Sheriff Officer. He was also one of the founders of Kirkton Church in 1832. Amelia Templeton (nee Freeland) is William's daughter.

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Punkie Willie

The following information was very kindly sent to us by Dr Peter J. Gordon. He is a descendant of the Scott family who started the Jam 'Jeely' Works in Carluke.

When people recall their childhood in a town, they remember not only the buildings but also the people who were important to them. Every town had its 'characters' - men or women who stood out from the ordinary in some way or other. 'Punkie Willie' was a great Carluke favourite - an 'old worthy' who befriended all with his couthie town cry and his tinkling bell. He used to sweep people's chimneys and also acted as town crier. He was often to be seen going about the town ringing a small hand-bell and announcing the latest news!

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